Midlands State University’s Department of Computer Science, under the Faculty of Science and Technology, working hand in glove with the International and Alumni Relations Office successfully held a career-choosing presentation by Takudzwa Jeke, MSU alumni at the MSU Gweru Main Campus on Wednesday 3 April 2024.

Jeke, a former student at MSU graduated six years ago before venturing into the job market which has taken him as far as the United Kingdom where he is employed as an Audit Analyst.

A seasoned professional, with a strong background in Technology Risk assurance, Cybersecurity and Data Risk, Jeke had two presentations on demystifying the three lines of defence in cybersecurity and strategies for a successful career in Computer Science.

Speaking at the event, standing in for the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Administration, Dr Matsa thanked Jeke for retracing his footsteps to where it all started.

“It’s not easy to find former students who then decide to come back and inspire the students that are still at the learning institution and help them make decisions with their lives. I hope this is the beginning of a workable relationship going forward,” said Dr Matsa.

She challenged other former students to also come up with different initiatives that would keep them in touch with the institution before urging students to grab such moments with both hands.

Jeke has a rich educational background with a degree in Computer Science from the Midlands State University and various IT-related certifications.

Throughout his career, he has held various positions within the tech industry, from software development to cybersecurity & Tech Risk consulting, allowing him to gain valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of technology.

Takudzwa is currently a Senior Audit Analyst at one of the biggest banks and leading Financial Services firm in the United Kingdom, where he leads technology transformation and Data strategies and initiatives in the 3rd line of defence in cybersecurity.

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