Alumni Directorate

This is the coordinating entity of all alumni matters. The directorate collaborates with departments to follow through and elevate alumni ideas and activities to the requisite levels. 

Additionally, the directorate facilitates the creation of vibrant networks and relationships amongst MSU Alumni and fosters the maintenance of strong ties between alumni and their alma mater. That is mainly achieved through continuous information sharing, mentoring, as well as all initiatives that are deemed to entrench a strong sense of belonging to MSU.


To become a vibrant directorate that promotes the establishment of a platform conducive for all our diverse Alumni to cultivate lasting links, which enhance their personal growth and enrichment, as well as the business development of their alma mater to world class standards.


Commitment to the utilization of interactive virtual and physical platforms to stay connected to our Alumni

Alumni Pledge

“We the new graduates of Midlands State University do hereby, severally and individually, declare our commitment to support the development and internationalization of MSU, promote lifelong learning, and assist its students in their scholarly pursuits. We further pledge to do all that we can to advance the expanded mandate of the institution in the areas of innovation and industrialization.”