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/Ms Yolisa Prudence Dube
Ms Yolisa Prudence Dube

Position: Junior Researcher

Department: Place Alert Labs
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Research Interests

  • GIS in health,
  • Spatial Epidemiology,
  • Global health,
  • Geo-visualisation

Community Engagement:

  • Implementing mobile applications to improve access to maternal health in rural and urban communities


  • Dube, Y.P., Ruktanonchai, C.W., Sacoor, C., Tatem, A.J., Munguambe, K., Boene, H., Vilanculo, F.C., Sevene, E., Matthews, Z., Dadelszen, P. von, Makanga, P.T., 2019. How accurate are modelled birth and pregnancy estimates? Comparison of four models using high resolution maternal health census data in southern Mozambique. BMJ Glob. Health 4, e000894.

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