The department of Health Services which falls under the Student Affairs Division strives to assist students to attain full health through a holistic approach to medical care.

It aims at teaching (Preventive Care); training (Promotive care) and rendering medical services (Curative care) for the wellness of students.

General Information

The MSU Department of Health Services has primary care clinics across our various campuses that provide Primary Health Care, Counselling (as a complementary service to the University Counselling department), Health information, Ambulance & Emergency facility, and referral for specialist services where required.


  • To be a unique, development–oriented, pace-setting, and stakeholder-driven University that produces health-conscious, innovative, enterprising, and internationally acclaimed graduates for the empowerment of society and creation of wealth.


  • To provide up to date health care solutions through a holistic approach encompassing: Health promotion, Preventative care, and Curative care programmes in an adolescent and youth-friendly manner.


  • To establish quality healthcare facilities manned by adequately capacitated personnel and state-of-the-art equipment at Midlands State University.


  • To have appropriate, accessible, equipped, and welcoming healthcare facilities that satisfy the healthcare needs of Students.
  • To coordinate and ensure that health promotion activities are effectively and adequately done thereby capacitating individuals to make the right health decisions.
  • To develop monitoring and evaluation systems that allow for continuous implementation of disease prevention programmes and training.
  • To continually sensitize the University Community on prevailing health trends, health advocacy, the need for routine medical examinations, and safety issues.
  • To continually ensure that the University healthcare systems are aligned to the Ministry of Health and Child Care guidelines and all legal statutes.

Terms and Conditions

All registered students are eligible for accessing health services at all our centres. It is therefore important for all students to ensure that there are fully registered; undergraduate students are required to pay for their MSU Medical Aid Fund contribution and postgraduate students must join a medical aid of their choice. Students are required to produce a student identity card and a valid medical aid membership card/any verifiable proof thereof when seeking medical care at any of our clinics. Staff are eligible for accessing health services at all our centres and are required to produce a staff identity card and a valid medical aid membership card/any verifiable proof thereof when seeking medical care at any of our clinics.

Opening Hours

Gweru Main Campus and Zvishavane Campus clinics provide services for 24hrs (including public holidays) during the normal semester period and operate from 0800hrs-1645hrs (closed on weekends) during the vacation period.

Lunch Time

1245 – 1400 hrs.

The clients are seen on a walk-in basis. Resident doctors are available 0800 – 1300hrs; Mon to Friday for Gweru and Zvishavane and they see emergencies as well as other non-emergency cases by appointment. 

Appointment dates and times – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1100-1300 hrs. 

 Services Available

  • Outpatient services for both acute and chronic problems
  • Counselling – (Psychosocial counselling as well as HIV counselling and testing services)
  • Family Planning and other Sexual and Reproductive Health Services
  • Referrals for specialist care and other support services.
  • Dispensing of drugs including OI/ART
  • Ambulance and Emergency facilities
  • Health Information – Available at the clinics as well through our Student Resource Centres on most of our campuses
  • HIV Self testing services

Health Personnel provides individual counselling sessions that address problems such as

  • Mental health issues and Substance Abuse i.e. alcohol, drugs
  • Family planning
  • Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Nutrition and diet
  • OI/ART counselling

Please book for an appointment

0254-260752 ext 2180 Main Campus Clinic

0254-225733 ext 2240 Graduate School of Business Leadership Campus

0392352033 ext 3002 Zvishavane Campus Clinic

0254-260752 ext 4020 Harare Campus 

Health Information

Students can access health information at our Youth Friendly Resource Centres (Gweru and Zvishavane Campus) in the form of reading material, posters, televised information as well as training. These services are also available at the clinic. First Aid and Peer Education Programmes are run in halls of residence. Students are advised to take part in these programmes. Details can be obtained from the health centre. 

Request for feedback

The department looks forward to continue offering and improving in providing Adolescent and Youth Friendly Services to the students, therefore any constructive suggestions or grievances about our Health Services clinics should be written in the Exit Register available at the clinic or verbal communication can done to the Director Health Services or relevant authority in charge or through the Student Representative (Health).

Student and Staff Responsibility

The Department of Student Health Services encourages students to take an active role in their own health and follow up for additional care recommended. It is important to remember that you as a health care consumer have three fundamental health rights:

  • Privacy
  • Courtesy
  • Information

The Department of Students Health Services will respect the dignity of each student irrespective of race, culture, and belief.

Midlands State University

Division of Student Affairs- Health Services Department

Tel: 0254 – 260752

0254 – 225733