To provide a quality living and learning environment which fosters the diverse intellectual, social and personal development of students, To provide social, educational programmes and services.


The Department of Residences strives to:

  • Develop and maintain a learning environment within residences, that encourages and reinforces the learning process which contributes to the total development of the student.
  • Create a healthy living and learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds can co-exist and learn to appreciate the values and richness of developing relationships.
  • Provide a clean, safe, healthy and well-maintained environment that is conducive to learning.

The above goals are meant to address the ‘Quality of Life’ of resident students.

Advantages of being in Residence

Living in residence provides a student with special experiences and a particular view of University life.

  • There is the stimulation of living with students from different backgrounds whose interests and fields of study are quite different from one’s own.
  • One is able to devote as much time as possible to study.
  • One can easily take part in cultural, Social, and sporting activities at the University.
  • One has an opportunity to experience the democratic process at first hand in the election of sub wardens and Hall Committee members.
  • One develops a sense of responsibility.

Hall Administration


Each hall has a warden. His/Her major functions are:-

  • To advise and counsel students in their halls.
  • To ensure that academic and social needs and interests of students are catered for.
  • To make residences comfortable.
  • To ensure that rules and regulations are served and also to deal with offenders.

Sub wardens

They are elected. It is a governing body of students who manage portfolios such as, Entertainment, Security, Academic Affairs, etc.

Together with the warden, sub wardens the Hall Committee members are responsible for programmes and services within the Halls of Residences.

Note: Wardens, Subwardens and Hall Committee members are there to ensure that the residences become a home away from home. If you have any doubts, problem and need some information, please do not hesitate to approach them – they are there for you.


Social and Sporting Activities

University life is not all work and no play, you will find that your hall committee arranges sporting and social events throughout the semester and these give you an opportunity to get to know people.


  • Formal dance
  • Hall Dinner with an invited guest
  • Hall braai parties
  • Video clubs
  • Aerobics, etc

Counseling Services

The Warden and Subwardens are always available to lend an ear if you are experiencing problems. They offer financial, academic and social counseling.

Peer Educators also provide counseling.

Any member of the Division of Student Affairs provides counseling.

They are also available to give you general information and advice where possible.

If you are sick in residence send a message to your subwarden who will be able to help you arrange medical care.

House-keeping Services

Limited house keeping services are provided. All public areas, e.g. bathrooms and common rooms are cleaned daily. Students have however to make their own beds and clean their own rooms.

General Security

You are expected to keep your room locked when you are not there, even if you intend to be out for a few minutes only. Please make sure that you have keys on you at all times. Do not leave them anywhere else you might consider to be a ‘hiding place’. This simply does not work at all – you will encounter trouble.

Notice Boards

These are valuable sources of information, e.g. on social events in residence and on Campus, venues for sports events, etc.


  • Community Service e.g. visiting Old People’s Home, painting children’s ward.
  • Competition amongst halls of residences
  • Leadership Training
  • Residence First Aiders
  • Study Centres
  • Residence brainstorming
  • Study Tours