About Midlands State Sports

Director : Mr J Chivivi

A heavy welcome to the Department Of Sports and Recreation , a nerve centre for students and members of staff holistic development through active and organised physical activities. The development has the mandate to uphold and enhance the University’s vision and mission of being unique and in this sense in sport excellence. At the centre of the department is the inculcation of total health and wellness values for optimum academic performance for students.


To develop and enabling environment for sports participation by a critical mass of students and members of staff in both competitive and non-competitive sports. The participating facilities should be of international standard.


To raise awareness among students and members of staff in the benefits derived from regular and strencious physical activities .  To this end research (society of behavioural medicine)has shown that physical activity can improve academic performance because of it :

  • Promotes better oxygen flow to the brain
  • Increases levels of neurotransmitters associated with increased mood and decreased stress.
  • Improves neuroplasticity (e.g growth of brain cells)
  • Improves executive function which in turn improves attention and time on task in class


Strategies towards meeting the vision and aims
  • Plan and influence the development of multiple sports facilities for use by many students at the same time.
  • Organise and administer various sports tournaments.
  • Affiliate almost all sport codes and enable them to participate in league games.
  • Resuscitate the Vice Chancellor’s Trophy and let it be played on league basis upto the end of the year.(Inter-Faculty Competition).
  • Encourage students sports competitions with the local community teams.
  • Create links with one or two regional Universities for growth and development.
  • Monitor and keep track of teams and individual records at national , regional and international tournaments.