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/Mr Masunda Stein


  • Master of Science (Economics) – University of Malawi Bsc (Economics) – University of Zimbabwe
  • Current studies: University of Malawi, Chancellor College PhD (Economics) – Thesis Title: Trade and Exchange rate Policy effects on Technical Efficiency in Zimbabwe: A Sectoral Analysis.

Research Interests:

  • International Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Macroeconomics


  • Mupaso N, Nyamutowa C, Masunda S, Chipunza N (2014) – Characterization of Smallholder Irrigation Schemes, Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol 6, No. 2
  • Mhere F., Chipunza T, Masunda S (2013) – Investigating the relationship between Education and Economic Growth in Zimbabwe, Journal of International Business and Economics, Vol 13 Issue 1
  • Nyamutowa C and Masunda S (2013) – Review of Credit risk Management Practices in Commerical Banks in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Economics and Research, Vol 4
  • Masunda S. (2012) – Real exchange Rate Misalignment and Currency crisis in Zimbabwe.Journal of Emerging trends in economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS), 3 (6): 923-930
  • Masunda S. (2011) – Real Exchange Rate Misalignment and Sectoral Output in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Economics and Research, Vol 2, Issue 4
  • Is Dollarization and Answer of Crisis. A post crisis Analysis in Zimbabwe – 11th African Finance Journal (AFJ), 14-15 May 2014, Gateway, Durban, South Africa
  • Real Exchange Rate Misalignment and Currency Crisis in Zimbabwe – Global Development Finance-20-22 November 2012, Crystal Towers, Century City, Cape Town, South Africa



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