The Bursary Department of the University is the financial engine room of the University, headed by the Bursar who, according to Section 20 (2) of the Midlands State Universities of Act 1990, is the Accountant and CFO of the University, and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial affairs of the University.

Midlands State University Bursar’s Department derives its authority from Section 20, of the University Act, Chapter 25:21, Public Finance Management Act (Chapter 22:19), International financial regulations and other statutory and regulatory provisions.
The department is charged with the responsibility of designing and implementing sound and effective systems for the management of University’s financial resources.



To be a unique, development-oriented, pace-setting and stakeholder-driven Department that produces the highest quality financial information and services in a timely, accurate, clear, complete and friendly manner that demonstrates integrity, and fosters a culture of compliance to regulatory statutes as well as a keen focus on providing insight to our stakeholders.


We are committed to:

  • -Committed to providing the University’s stakeholders with the highest quality financial information and services in a timely, accurate, clear, complete and friendly manner through the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) as the principal modes of transaction capturing, preservation, retrieval and delivery.
  • -Committed to improving the performance of the university through the promotion of new ideas and managerial skills and innovations as well as generation, dissemination and application of financial management knowledge for the sustainable utilization of resources; and in so doing thus preserving university assets for the current generations and those that follow.
  • -Committed to ensuring high level compliance to all pertinent statutes and regulations, from a financial and fiduciary vantage point, and endorsing sound financial stewardship of university resources to enhance educational excellence.
  • -Committed to gender equality and equity in staff recruitment and ensuring the motivation and retention of such competent and caring business professionals of unquestionable integrity who are innovative, resourceful, collaborative, and helpful in facilitating the management and improved accountability of the University’s resources in an environment of a caring institution

We are committed to live by our values and beliefs which are:

  • -Demonstrating attention to detail on all important financial matters that are handled.
  • -Showing urgency in dealing with matters as they arise, with a turnaround time to meet client requirements depending on whether matter is of critical, medium or low priority rating.
  • -Demonstrating energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead. Execute work requirements with a show of life and desire to work, and don’t shy from taking responsibility.
  • -Demonstrating integrity, respect and teaming. Build trust amongst peers, subordinates and superiors as delivery of the University goals take the collective effort.
  • -Building relationships based on doing the right thing. Be ethical, and if actions being done are wrong don’t acquiesce, make views known.