The faculty of Business Sciences the lead and largest faculty at Midlands State University which is located at the Graduate School of Business leadership (GSBL) and faculty of Law campus. Whilst MSU enjoys the general mandate at law, of offering any degree programmes with resources permitting, over the years the university has devoted a larger chunk of its resources to the faculty of Business Sciences and the faculty has distinguished itself as the faculty of choice which was established for the general advancement of knowledge in the field of Commerce and industry and more particularly promoting that species of knowledge that distinguishes the field of commerce from others.

It is worth noting that out GSBL is the only Graduate School in Zimbabwe which offers internationally accredited MBAs and EMBAs with the Association of African Business Schools (AABS). The association has reciprocal partnerships with: the Association of MBAs (UK), The Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), the Association to Advance and Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) USA, the Accreditation council of Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP) USA, the Central and Eastern European Management Association (CEEMAN) (Eastern Europe) among others. This has given the faculty a strategic advantage in its endeavour to embed itself in providing global quality education in dynamic markets.

The faculty underscores the importance of commercializing research as a spring board of economic development and currently is also on a resource mobilisation drive which has seen the opening of weekend school for our various masters and visiting school programmes in Harare in line with our faculty motto, “World class excellence is our culture and share the knowledge with a Havruta”. The faculty is in the process of accrediting all our Master of Commerce programmes with the ACBSP and CEEMAN as we take the strategic global route. By the end of 3 years our Mcom programmes will be globally competitive when accredited.


The Graduate School of Business Leadership

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