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/Mrs Miriam Mugwati
Mrs Miriam Mugwati

Position: Lecturer

Department: Marketing Management


Master of Commerce Marketing Strategy (MSU)

Bachelor   of Commerce (Honours) Marketing Management (MSU)

Diploma in Education (UZ)

Current studies:    DPhil Candidate

Research Interests:

  • Corporate marketing culture
  • Gender and consumer behaviour
  • Marketing strategy


  • Mugwati, M. (2011). Opportunities of GPRS to the business community in Zimbabwe (2011): Just ICT, Issue No. 2, July 2011 pp19-20
  • Sikomwe, S., Mudzurandende, F., Mugwati, M. And Ndlovu, P. (2012). Gender Mainstreaming in Organizations: A review of Women Empowerment Initiatives In Zimbabwean Tertiary Institutions: A Case of Midlands State University chapter in a book titled “Gender Practices and Challenges: A Call for Accountability” Moi University, ISBN 9966-854-89-4,
  • Mugwati, M., Nkala, D. and Mukanganiki, C. (2013). The Composition and Regulation of the Financial Services Sector in Zimbabwe, Asian Economic and Financial Review, Volume 3, No. 3 pp 483-489
  • Mhere,, Matindike, S. and Mugwati, M. (2013). “Revenue Spend” or “ Spend Revenue” Hypothesises. The Zimbabwean Experience. Journal of International Finance and Economics
  • Mugwati, M. And Nkala, D. (2012). Observing Corporate Governance Principles: Growth Strategy for Small Traders In ZimbabweThe Dyke Volume 6, No. 3 pp 43-57
  • Doreen Nkala, Eukeria Mashiri , Miriam Mugwati, (2014). Zimbabwe Economic Crisis: The Social Dimension of the crisis Journal of Social Economics Vol. 1, No. 4 193-208
  •  Ishumael Gotore, Marcus Mutanga, Miriam Mugwati (2014). Towards Growth And Profitability Through Relationship Marketing: The Case of The Tyre Manufacturing Industry In Zimbabwe; International Journal of Marketing and Technology. Vol. 4. No. 12
  • Nkala, D, Mugwati, M, Mudzurandende, F, Mazhindu, K. and Mhere, F. (2014).  Emotional Marketing: A New  Strategy for State Universities Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness vol.  8(2)
  •  Mugwati, M., Nkala, D. and Mashiri, E. (2016). Lessons from the Zimbabwe Hotel Sector during the Hyper-Inflationary Period. Chapter in a book Economic Management in a Hyperinflationary Environment pp106-124 ISBN: 9780198747505

Paper Presentations at International Conferences:

  • Lessons from the Zimbabwe Hotel Sector during the Hyper-Inflationary Period University of Botswana Conference on Innovation and Business Growth Opportunities
  •  The Role of Fashion and Clothing Involvement in Shaping Self- Identity among University Students. A Case of Midlands State University MSU-UNIVEN Conference On Economic Integration, Entrepreneurship And Sustainable Development.
  • Marketing culture and the debate for board gender composition: A research agenda Midlands State University International Conference, Victoria Falls

Presentations/workshops at Local Conferences:

  • Customer care workshop for Puzey & Payne

Community engagement:

  • Customer care workshops
  • Generations for Peace Member


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