The Faculty of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Management at the Midlands State University is an innovative, leading, development-oriented Faculty which produces globally recognized graduates for the empowerment of communities and creation of national capital stocks. The Faculty is dedicated to advancing sustainable agricultural development and management of natural resources through training, community engagement and generation of research based knowledge that can be translated into goods and services in Zimbabwe and Africa. Our niche among other faculties of agriculture in Zimbabwe lies squarely on the promotion of science based agricultural education and innovative research for the sustainable food security systems in the arid and semi-arid climates of sub Saharan Africa. In the face of agricultural water scarcity and advancing desertification in the semi-arid and arid climates of Zimbabwe, the Faculty of Natural Resources has strategically positioned itself for generating appropriate agricultural technologies and capacitating the smallholder communities in mitigating and adapting to aridity and semi-arid climatic conditions through training, innovative research and community engagement. We also endeavour to develop international and local collaborations and partnerships for commercial application of agricultural research output.

Faculty Research

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