Dr M Sungirai

Chairperson and Senior Lecturer

The Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences seeks to promote the productive and sustainable management of livestock and wildlife resources and in so doing contribute towards sustainable food security, self-reliance and overall well being of the entire Zimbabwean population and SADC region. The department will seek to achieve its aims through:

  • A curriculum and academic culture that provide for sound theoretical and hands-on animal and wildlife management.
  • Equipping students with competitive and relevant knowledge and work-related skills.
  • Aggressive research and outreach programmes in the utilization and management of the livestock, wildlife and natural resources.
  • Tailor-making the curriculum to enable the graduates to successfully tackle the problems in both rural and commercial sectors.
  • Preparing the graduates for a diversity of careers.
  • Creating awareness and understanding that the holistic or integrated approach to problem solving brings sustainable solutions.
  • Working closely with other stakeholders in the field of teaching, research and extension in animal and wildlife management.


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