Prof Magwa : Acting Director

Professor Wiseman Magwa (PhD) : Acting Director


To be a one stop world class language consultancy and support services centre dedicated to the advancement of language research, policy, planning, translation, interpreting and editing.


The Institute’s prime function is to provide language consultancy and support services to the Midlands State University, the nation state of Zimbabwe, Africa and beyond.

Core Values

  • Hard work
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Gender responsiveness
  • Inclusion
  • Professionalism


Language is Life

Strategic Goal

To offer a wide range of language services which include among others; translation and interpretation services, dictionary making, document proof reading, thesis and dissertation editing, developing orthographies for indigenous languages, language policy and planning, language research and publications.


Highly qualified native/natural speakers of the different indigenous languages work at the Institute as Director, Manager, Language Assistants or Language Research Fellows. At the Institute, the term ‘Language Assistant’ covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities. These include functions and roles such as those of researchers, advisors, teaching assistants, technicians, counsellors, software developers, events managers to mention only a few. The employees at the Institute are able to multi-task and provide services to needy Departments and Faculties.

The Management structure of the Institute is as shown below.

Key Result Areas

KRA 1: Language Consultancy Services

  • Document proof reading and editing services to the general public and to all post graduate dissertations and theses from MSU and other universities in the country and region.
  • Translation services i.e. All important government documents and book translations.
  • Interpreting services to tourists and organisations
  • Transcription services
  • Speech writing and report writing training services
  • Braille services for schools, colleges and universities.
  • Sign language services for the nation

KRA 2: Research and Publications

  • DPhil and MPhil Dissertation Supervision
  • Hosting international language researchers
  • Language Research Assistant services

KRA 3: Promotion and Development of Indigenous Languages

  • Promoting the growth of indigenous literature by organising creative writing competitions for marginalized languages and support book publications in indigenous languages
  • Book reviews
  • Developing orthographies for all the previously marginalised indigenous languages in Zimbabwe.
  • Lexicography research (dictionary making) in all official indigenous languages.
  • Intensive research in language, culture and literature

KRA 4: Language Policy and Planning

  • Promote and support the establishment of a National Language Board for Zimbabwe
  • Promote and support the establishment of Indigenous Languages Associations
  • Spearhead the development of a national language policy and a language in education policy for Zimbabwe

Contact Us

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Fax:               (263) 54 260233/260311


Mobile:          +263 772883047 / 783392348