Prof Magwa : Acting Director

Professor Wiseman Magwa (PhD) : Executive Director

The Midlands State University Language Institute (MSULI) was established in October 2018 in response to the calls to empower Zimbabwe’s indigenous languages The Institute was launched against the backdrop of a surge in the demand for language services within the University and the country as a whole. As such, MSULI caters for the language needs of all of Zimbabwe’s officially recognised languages and braille. It is the only Institute in the country that houses all officially recognised languages and this gives the Institute a real national character.  MSULI’s strategic goal is guided by the National Vision 2030, the Education 5.0 Doctrine as well as African Union Vision 2063.

MSULI is staffed with qualified natural speakers of the officially recognised languages. These staff members are Research Fellows and Language Research Assistants and are constantly engaged in language research activities. Key research activities in which the Research Fellows and Language Research Assistants are engaged include language policy development, orthography development, lexicography and indigenous language literature development. In addition to these research activities, MSULI researchers also offer language consultancy services such as translation and interpreting services and document editing and proof reading services inter alia. Furthermore, the Institute offers Beginner’s Courses to second language learners of various officially recognised languages.  

Since its inception in 2018, the Institute has grown to be a world renowned language centre synonymous with language excellence. MSULI’s key clients include the corporate world, government agencies, non-governmental organisations, international agencies, language associations, students and local authorities. This 2021, the Institute was mandated by parliament to develop a national language policy framework for the country. In 2020, the Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PSMI for the provision of Basic Sign Language Courses to medical personnel employed at PSMI medical facilities in Gweru. Furthermore, the Institute has, on several occasions, been mandated by government ministries to translate major national documents from English to the rest of the officially recognised languages as well as transcribe the documents to braille. Some of these documents are the National Development Strategy 1, the Compendium of Projects Completed by the Second Republic and COVID-19 Key Messages. Thus, MSULI has been a major player in facilitating universal access to information. MSULI’s achievements in the short time since its inception speak volumes of its potential and its vision.