Staff Profiles: Language Institute

Professor Wiseman Magwa

Position: Executive Director

Research Interests
    Language planning and policy Language teaching Heritage and Culture

Professor William Lungisani Chigidi

Position: Senior Language Researcher-Shona

Research interests
    Indigenous knowledge systems Literature Oral literature African culture. Detective fiction.

Dr. Vincent Jenjekwa

Position: Language Research Fellow

Research Interests
    Sociolinguistics Onomastics Linguistic landscapes Academic and Professional Communication Language policy and planning Contemporary issues in Education Literary Studies Indigenous Knowledge Systems


Position: Language Research Assistant – English Language

Research interests:
    Academic and Professional Communication Language Policy and Planning Language teaching


Position: Language Researcher-Sotho

Research Interests
    Indigenous knowledge systems Indigenous languages and education Language and policy issues

Hlalani Ndhlovu

Position: Language Researcher-Kalanga

Research Interests
    Indigenous Language Development Indigenous Language Teaching And Learning Comparative Studies For Zimbabwean Indigenous Language Orthographies For Dialectal Languages   Kalanga Folklore

Bhasera Maruzani

Position: Language Researcher – Braille

Research interests:
    Inclusion of persons with disabilities Braille technology Visual impairment and braille Deaf-blind and tactile signing Disability in the community

Adrian Mafa Phiri

Position: Language Researcher - Nambya

Research Interests
    Language policy and planning Language education Oral literature

Amon Mudenda  

Position: Language Researcher - Tonga

Research Interests
    Tonga morphology Tonga culture and gender Education and culture

Sebastian Wilbert Rwakonda

Position: Language Researcher - Sign Language

Research interests
    Sign language and deaf education Issues on inclusion of persons with disabilities Assistive technology and deaf education.

Mthokozisi Moyo

Position: Language Researcher - Ndebele

Research interests
    Language planning and policy Indigenous language literacy and language rights Indigenous language literature Educational linguistics Theoretical linguistics

MaryJane Sithole Hodzi

Position: Secretary