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Position: Researcher – English

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  • Master of Education in English (MSU)
  • Bachelor of Education in English (MSU)
  • Bachelor of Science in Counselling (ZOU)
  • Diploma in Education [Secondary] (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Diploma in Personnel Management (IPMZ)

Research interests:

  • Language Technology
  • Academic and Professional Communication
  • Language Policy and Planning
  • Language teaching
  • Literature

Book Chapters:

  • Nhemachena, N. (2021) African languages dilemma: The Zimbabwean experience. In W. Magwa, M.Moyo & V. Jenjekwa (Eds.). Sociolinguistics and multilingual education in Zimbabwe. Gweru: MSU Press. pp. 242-257.

Refereed articles

  • Nhemachena, N. & Nyoni, E. (2021) Optimising multimodality in the teaching of Literature in English at Advanced Level in Zimbabwean schools. Journal of African Education, 2(2): 157-180
  • Nhemachena, N. & Moyo, M. (2022) Mentorship in Teacher Education: The impact of Covid-19 in Third World contexts. Fortell, 44: 69-80.
  • Nhemachena, N. (2022) Situating the Family Language Policy in Language Policy and Planning: Micro-level Language Socialisation and its effect on Language Policy and Planning. Journal of African Languages and Literary Studies 3 (2), 167-184.



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