Dean’s Welcome Statement

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences “Where Theory Meets Real Life”!

Professor Chipo Hungwe

Executive Dean

The decision to study at MSU is one of the most important decisions you have ever made in your life. In joining the Faculty of Social Sciences you have chosen to be a part of a vibrant, innovative and multicultural community where innovation and diversity are prioritized. The Faculty of Social Sciences prepares students for critical citizenship in a rapidly changing world that demands versatility and creativity rather than mere training.

Personal development and academic inspiration is guaranteed.   We emphasise on programmes that develop students into global-minded citizens with the skills to tackle challenges of globalization. Our education is based on theory and real-life application as we stress the importance of scientific research in identifying, analysing and explaining phenomena and predicting the future in finding realistic solutions.

We assure you of the following:

Growth – Social Sciences will enable one to be analytical, innovative, creative, problem solver and one who thinks outside the box.

Support – As a Faculty, we take pride in the services we render when faced with any challenges whilst you are home away from home, our support staff will be able to assist you with information or refer you to the correct offices for assistance in addressing your problems.

I encourage you to utilise your time here to engage fully with the academic material, be open to learning from your lecturers and your peers and use every opportunity for networking so that you graduate from MSU a changed individual, equipped to make a difference in society unfazed by transition.

We look forward to the future with its challenges and difficulties; we hope to put the Faculty of Social Sciences on the global academic map to join the ranks of notable international academic institutions.

Congratulations on making this excellent choice for your future! I wish you every success on your journey.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site and look forward to hearing from you!

About Faculty

The Faculty of Social Sciences is a place where ideas meet practice. The Faculty considers itself to be the heart and soul of the university. The vision of the Faculty of Social Sciences reads: To be a leading unit within the University that promotes academic excellence in teaching, training, research, university service and community engagement. In Social Sciences we study the mind and body and even attempt to influence the soul (through music). We study the human being at three different levels- individual, group/ community, national and international levels. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers diverse degree programmes from Geography and Environmental Studies, to Human Resource Management, Local Governance Studies, Media and Society Studies, Music Business, Technology and Musicology, Politics and Public Management, Peace Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

Pursuant to its vision, the Faculty constantly monitors developments in its environment and in the world at large.  This provides it with societal trends and changes both at home and abroad.  The awareness gained enables the Faculty to respond to trends and changes by introducing new academic programmes or rebranding existing ones to meet the current demand. To this end, the Faculty established the School of Social Work located in Harare in 2017.

The Faculty of Social Sciences collaborates with other institutions and has Associate / Affiliate relationships with institutions such as Kushinga Phikelela with the Department of Local Governance Studies as well as College of Creative Arts with the Department of Music Business, Musicology and Technology. The Faculty also strives to promote responsible community engagement through partnering with organisations such as the Zimbabwe Prison Services through the Departments of Music Business, Technology and Musicology, Psychology and the School of Social Work. Our Department of Local Governance Studies is leading the University in terms of engagement and collaboration between the University and local authorities so as to enhance service delivery.

The University has several collaborative links with other institutions across the globe and as a Faculty, close links with organisations such as Southern African Service Centre of Adaptive Land Management and Climate Change (SASCAL), Common Wealth Local Government Forum, International Centre for Local Democracy and Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway have been established. The Faculty remains committed to seeking collaboration with more institutions around the globe in the future. With close to 10 000 students, the Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the largest faculties at the Midlands State University. The Faculty comprises of 8 vibrant academic departments and a School of Social Work. In line with the University’s multi campus approach, the Faculty operates from Gweru, Zvishavane and Harare.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is always striving to improve the contents of its programmes as well as methods of delivery.  This is facilitated by our prominent and well cited scholars. Their commitment to incomparable teaching and ground breaking research brings intellectual rigor as well as hands-on experience into our lecture rooms.