Dr Shamiso Christine Madzivire

Chairperson & Lecturer


Welcome to the Midlands State University Sociology Department! Sociology is the study of human behaviour and interaction within various social contexts. The interest in society, the way it functions and the relationships existing between individuals, their communities and various institutions goes back many centuries and culminated in the emergence of Sociology as a scientific field of study in the 19th Century. Sociology is often regarded as the first/original Social Science and the dedication to the study of society over the years has set the stage for modern Sociology where Sociologists continue to explore social life in an empirical and theoretical way to expand our knowledge of the rapidly changing global environment and provide contextually relevant solutions to social problems.

As a Department, we offer a four year Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Sociology at the undergraduate level. Three of these years consist of taught modules whilst one year is spent carrying out supervised Work-Related Learning in a relevant organisation or institution. On successful completion of this programme, the graduate will hold an understanding of advanced Sociological theories and concepts as well as excellent communication, critical thinking and analytical skills which are adaptable to a wide range of situations. The graduate will also be able to conduct scientific social research, understand social systems and institutions and make a meaningful contribution towards assessing or suggesting interventions and policies.

If you find yourself wondering about life’s big questions such as how to address social inequalities, crime and violence, poverty, hunger or outbreaks of disease in specific communities, or you have a desire to understand how human behaviour is shaped by the environments we find ourselves in then this is the programme for you! Our department is equipped with passionate lecturers ready to help expand your knowledge about social life as well as a vibrant Sociology Students’ Association which exposes students to the practical side of Sociology and equips them skills and experiences which give them a competitive edge over other graduates as well as increase their impact on the world around them.

Prospective Careers

Due to its diverse nature, graduates in the discipline of Sociology can explore careers in various fields that require an understanding of human behaviour as well as research, critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. Careers can be pursued in both the private and the public sector along the following lines:

  • Social welfare/service (e.g. humanitarian aid provision, Non and Inter-Governmental Organisations, youth work, health services management, social work, health administration, disability services, health centres)
  • Business (e.g. monitoring and evaluation, banking and finance, marketing and advertising, human resource management, market research analyst, industrial conflict mediation and consultancy)
  • Criminal Justice (e.g. law enforcement, courts, juvenile justice)
  • Education (e.g. lecturer, researcher, university student services, social science teacher)
  • Communication (e.g. journalism, public relations, media)
  • Social policy/law/politics (housing management, policy development and analysis, legal investigator, policy advocate, policy analysis, urban planning, polling, social research

Sociology Students’ Association:

The Sociology Students’ Association was formed by students for all students who are enthusiastic about taking their learning beyond the classroom. This student led society seeks to help in the moulding of graduates and the development of various hard and soft skills by exposing students to the practical side of Sociology. The society does this through their mandate to carry out various activities and initiatives such as philanthropic work, workshops, research and publication of issues affecting students and the community, fundraising projects, outreaches and various social activities such as dinners and sporting events. Membership is open to all registered students.

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