Executive Dean – Dr T Mashingaidze (PhD)

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts at Midlands State University whose proud history started off as the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at the University’s inception. Since then, the Faculty of Arts has academically grown in leaps and bounds to boast of nine Departments inclusive of a Communication Skills Centre. All these Departments are manned by an exceptionally competent, hardworking and committed staff whose sterling and wonderful job stands at the very heart of Midlands State University’s mission in producing innovative and enterprising graduates.

The Faculty of Arts has a stimulating range of flexible four-year undergraduate degree programs and offers Post-Graduate programmes suited to students’ own needs and interests. Through rebranding and it’s continual adapting to improving on its programme delivery, this has generated significant knowledge spill-overs resulting in enhanced economic development. Since universities are key drivers of cultural, political and socio-economic development through the creation of human capital, the Faculty of Arts’ succinct sense of progress encapsulates a focus on creative problem solving, cultural awareness, effective communication, ethical reasoning, critical analysis, amongst a barrage of skills that we impart. It supports and pursues the University’s goal of excellence in research, encouraging research of national  and international standing, and identifying and enhancing fields of basic, strategic and applied research. The Faculty of Arts therefore offers an exciting and innovative pathway for the humanities enthusiasts to display their executive potential as is enriched by its teaching methodologies. Our programmes equip students with highly transferable and flexible skill-set that creates and fosters imaginative, courageous and sensitive leaders of tomorrow.