Department of English and Communication

The honours programme is full time and conducted through full time face-to –face teaching for a minimum of four years. Each student is required to take, 32 courses including attachment and a research project. The programme is divided into four parts, each comprising two semesters. The two semesters shall constitute material of study for one academic year.

Each student shall normally take all three core courses and one from any other department in Part 1, and two core courses, one elective course as well as a fourth course from any other department in Part 2. During Part 3 and part 4 a student shall take two core courses and one elective course. Not all courses listed in these Regulations are offered each year.

The attachment stretches over the first semester of Part 3.

The Research project will stretches over Part 3 and Part 4.

The teaching-learning system will comprise face to face tuition supported by audio and visual material.Each course is covered by a module containing content material equivalent to 30 contact hours.

Programmes offered within the department

Undergraduate Degree

Ba English And Communication Honours Degree

Masters Degree

Master Of Arts In African And Diasporan Literature In English

Master Of Arts In Applied English Linguistics Degree


Department of English and Communications

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