Department of English and Communication

Dr Terrence Musanga

Acting Chairperson

Welcome to the Department of English and Communication, Midlands State University. The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Literature, Linguistics and Communication. The programmes are tailored to suit and respond to Zimbabwean and African needs, while remaining relevant to the global socio-cultural, political and economic trends. Resultantly, students will get an opportunity to interact with peers and staff on varied topics which resonate with their daily experiences. At the heart of who we are as a Department is the text in its multiple forms. Our multidisciplinary composition enables us to study novels, poetry, drama, life narratives, film, song, newspapers, television, Facebook, Twitter, graffiti and several other communicative events. Consequently, staff and students from the Department have produced much scholarly work on diverse topics reflected in these texts.  

The Department promotes a culture of dialogue in all aspects that bear on the learning of students. The modules are thus designed to foster critical and independent thought, peer to peer and lecture-student collaboration, as well as the advancement of refined academic and professional skills. We are guided by the philosophy that literature, language and communication are key to the creation of a tolerant society in a global and multicultural context. They enable us to gain an understanding of the multiple identities and perceptions that characterise our world through the rich, ever-evolving literary, linguistics and communication archives existing in all societies. We recognise that studies in literature, linguistics and communication prompt us to ask pertinent questions about history, society, identity, culture, nationhood and globalisation. Our Department therefore aims to nurture individuals who are broadminded, innovative and eager to confront societal problems with relevant, well-thought, questions and answers. In this, we are guided by Frantz Fanon’s prayer that we be, always, individuals who question!     


Department of English and Communications

Midlands State University

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