Prof E Chauraya

Executive Dean : Faculty Of Education

The Faculty of Education is as old as the university and its mandate is to produce high-quality graduate teachers to staff schools in Zimbabwe and beyond. The Faculty offers both pre service and in-service programs. The pre service programs are for post ‘A’ levels and runs for eight semesters while the in service programs capacity develops qualified teachers. The in-service programs are offered through two different modes, an arrangement that ensures that all clients requiring teacher education manage to enter into the Faculty’s degree programs. The two modes are the weekend school and the block release. Pre service classes are run in Gweru only while in service classes are run in Gweru, Harare and Bulawayo. Notable among the programs offered by the Faculty are: The Bachelor of Education Dual Honours (catering for all the subject areas offered in the Zimbabwe Secondary School Curriculum), Bachelor of Education Honours in-service, Bachelor of Education 5 Year Science Honours degree (this is a post ‘O’ Level program), Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Master of Education programs in Mathematics, English, Fashion & Textiles, History, Geography & Indigenous languages, Educational Management & Leadership and Adult Education.  

The Faculty of Education is made up of four departments namely: Applied Education, Educational Foundations and Primary Education, Educational Policy Studies and Leadership as well as the Department of Educational Technology. The Faculty takes part in all endeavours that involve initiatives to achieve Education 5.0. To this end, the Faculty engages in research on topical educational issues of a global and national nature. The Faculty runs short courses in Food Science and through one of its staff members secured a research grant through the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the United Kingdom to support peace educators to develop context-sensitive pedagogic content for higher education through innovations in curriculum design and delivery. 


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