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/Dr Gilbert Tarugarira
Dr Gilbert Tarugarira

Position: Executive Dean

Department: Applied Education
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  • BA Hons (UZ)
  • Grad CE (UZ)
  • MA (UZ)
  • Dip Ed Tech (UZ)
  • Dip Tng Mgt(IPMZ)
  • HND Research Methods (IPMZ)

Research Interests:

  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems; African elites, liberation movements and nationalism;
  • conflict and reconciliation processes; politics and governance in post-colonial Africa.


  • Tarugarira, G and Ziso, E. (2013) ‘Third Wave Democratisation and Zimbabwe’s Political Landscape: 1990-2005’ V.Z.Nyawo-Shava (ed.) Themes in Contemporary History of Zimbabwe: Emerging Perspectives in Afrikology, Mambo Press, Gweru.
  • Tarugarira,G., ‘Globalisation, NGOs and Multi-Sectoral Relations: The Zimbabwean Experience 1980-2012’, Shizha, E and Diallo, L (eds.) Africa in the Age of Globalisation: Perceptions, Misperceptions and Realities, Ashgate, Brantford 2015, ISBN 978-1-4724-3669-6.
  • ‘Demystifying the indigenous language ‘inadequacies’ towards capacity building in science and technology in Zimbabwe’ International Journal of Development and Sustainability Volume 1 Number 3, December 2012
  •  ‘Rethinking the Developmental Nexus between Indigenous Languages and Capacity Building in Science and Technology: A Therapeutic Approach to Africa’s PerennialDevelopment Problems’ Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa Vol.10, No.4, 2009.
  • ‘Unmasking the nexus between natural imperialism and the resonance of European labels on Africa’s gifts of nature in the underdevelopment of Africa’ Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa Volume 14, No.7, 2012.‘Of Heroes, Villains and Valets: An introspective analysis of the dynamism characterizing traditional Chiefs and Central government relationship in Zimbabwe’ Journal of History and Development Vol. 2 No.1 March 2011.
  • ‘Workers’ Autonomy under Siege: An Analysis of the Challenges Faced by Zimbabwe’s Trade Unions in an Economy under Stress and a Bipolarized Political Environment’Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa Volume 13, No.3, 2011.
  • ‘Voices from the Battlefront’: The Radio and Mass mobilization during Zimbabwe’s war of liberation 1975-1979’ The Dyke, Vol. 6. No.1 2012.
  • Accumulating Biological Capital Through the Commodification of Women: A Historical Appreciation of the Commercialization of Lobola/Roora in Zimbabwe 1920-2010 in Repositioning the Humanities, Journal of Contemporary Research Vol 1 Number 1 2014 pp 62-78.
  • Interrogating Generational Connections and Conflicts on the Utility of Indigenous Knowledge Systems as a Cultural Dimension of Development in Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, Volume 16, No.3, 2014, pp 76-86.
  • A Comparative analysis of the post-colonial culture and democratization processes in Kenya and Zimbabwe to 2012. African Journal of History and Culture, Vol.6 (6) August 2014, pp. 84-92.
  • ‘The materialism and pornography of death! Questioning the conformity and conflict in the funeral and burial practices in Zimbabwe with particular reference to Mutare urban 2007-2011’.The Dyke, Vol.7 2013.
  • Rwafa, U and Tarugarira, G, ‘Visualizing History on Screen: The film ‘Lumumba’ (2000) and the political contradictions of [Post] Colonial Congo’ Re-visualising Africa, Journal of African Cinema, Vol.1 No.1 2013, pp 79-102.
  • Mazambani,I and Tarugarira,G., ‘Silencing Guardians of the Democratic Shrine in Colonial and Post-Colonial Zimbabwe: Student Activism, Zimbabwean Nationalism and the Third Chimurenga (1960-2005),Repositioning The Humanities, Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol.1, No.2,August 2015,pp.5-38.
  • Tarugarira, G., An appraisal of Alvord’s gospel of the plough on the transformation of the peasant communities of the Gutu District of Zimbabwe: 1926-1960’, The Dyke [Journal of The Midlands State University]”, Vol. 9 No. 2, 2015.


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