Welcome to the Quality Assurance and Professional Development (QAPD) Directorate. Quality assurance in higher education has become a real concern for all educational authorities in almost all the countries worldwide. There has been a global increase in focus on quality and standards in higher education, reflecting both the rapid expansion of universities and colleges as well as the substantial cost burden to taxpayers and students.

The Directorate aims at developing the university’s capabilities in the area of quality assurance and professional development, in order to maintain and consolidate, improve and enhance, champion and promote, quality in all areas of institutional operations at different levels. QAPD plays a very crucial role in the development, monitoring and reporting of quality across the university. Further, it plays a critical role in the professional development of members of both the teaching and non-teaching staff through carrying out capacity development workshops.


The Executive Director of the Quality Assurance and Professional Development is responsible to the Vice Chancellor on quality assurance and professional development issues through:

  • Fostering a culture of quality in the University;
  • Ensuring that every unit within the University (inclusive of associate and affiliate colleges) has set standards and benchmarks that must be maintained and promoted;
  • Monitoring, evaluating and ensuring implementation of recommended quality assurance processes in the University;
  • Ensuring compliance with ZIMCHE, regional and international standards/benchmarks;
  • Coordinating the induction of members of teaching staff;
  • Empowering teaching staff with the most effective methods of teaching and learning through regular engagements.

Email us on: qatal@staff.msu.ac.zw