New Publications

  • Chikoko, W., Muzvidziwa, V. N., Ruparanganda, W., & Chikoko, E. (2019). Early sexual debut and substance abuse among street children of Harare central business district, zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 9(1), 79-87.

  • Danga, H. T., Tunhuma, S. M., Gora, V. E., Jena, J. F., & Chawanda, A. (2019). Women in physics in zimbabwe. Paper presented at the AIP Conference Proceedings, , 2109 doi:10.1063/1.5110118

  • Mangeya, H. (2019). Graffiti as a site for cultural literacies in Zimbabwean urban high schools. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 22(3), 334-348. doi:10.1177/1367877918788577

  • Manjeru, P., Van Biljon, A., & Labuschagne, M. (2019). The development and release of maize fortified with provitamin A carotenoids in developing countries. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 59(8), 1284-1293. doi:10.1080/10408398.2017.1402751

  • Mpofu, P., & Salawu, A. (2019). Interrogating the autonomy of previously marginalised languages in Zimbabwe's indigenous-language press. Language Matters, 50(1), 25-44. doi:10.1080/10228195.2018.1541925

  • Mugumbate, J., & Chereni, A. (2019). Using African ubuntu theory in social work with children in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 9(1), 27-34.

  • Nyamunda, B. C., Chivhanga, T., Guyo, U., & Chigondo, F. (2019). Removal of zn (II) and cu (II) ions from industrial wastewaters using magnetic biochar derived from water hyacinth. Journal of Engineering (United States), 2019 doi:10.1155/2019/5656983

  • Ureke, O. (2019). Locating Sembène’s mégotage in Zimbabwe’s kiya kiya video-film production. Journal of African Cultural Studies, doi:10.1080/13696815.2019.1599829

  • Washaya, S., Tavirimirwa, B., Dube, S., Sisito, G., Tambo, G., Ncube, S., & Zhakata, X. (2019). Reproductive efficiency in naturally serviced and artificially inseminated beef cows. Tropical Animal Health and Production, doi:10.1007/s11250-019-01889-z

Institutional Repository

The repository is a digital collection of the research output of the Midlands State University community. Here you can find research papers, theses and dissertations, conference papers, books and book chapters from the MSU community. Please contact the Library on extension 2182 for information on how to submit your research output.

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