Department of Educational Foundations and Management

Dr Emely Muguwe

Chairperson and Senior Lecturer


To be recognized for excellence in all areas of educational practice and sholarship through its response to the educational needs of the community.

Programmes offered within the department:

Bachelor of Educational Foundations and Curriculum Studies

Areas offered: Foundations of Education, Curriculum Studies, Education Management

Areas envisaged: Adult Education, Early Childhood Education and Care.

Programme duration:

PGDE Two semesters (1 year)

UGDE Two semesters (1 year)

B.Ed Four semesters (2 years)

Admission Requirements

PGDE- candidates should have accepted and recognized general or honours degree in the Arts, Science or Commercial subjects from Midlands State University or equivalent institution. They should have been in full time continuous employment as teachers for at least two years in an approved secondary school or college or have completed at least two years doing appropriate educational work.

other equivalent degree holders shall be eligible for admission at the discretion of the faculty board.

UGDE- For candidates who are currently undertaking an undergraduate degree at this University in any of the faculties of Science, Arts and Social Sciences, Commerce, Natural Resources Management and Agriculture.

B.Ed – For candidates who possess a teaching qualification approved by the University; have a minimum of two years post qualification experience; normally have “A” level passess in the proposed teaching subject.

Career Prospects

Junior and Senior Secondary school teachers Pre service and In-service teacher Education, College tutors, Early childhood and Adult Education, Education and training, Educational work eg curriculum specialists, Educational psychology etc.

Contact Details

The Chairperson 

Department of Educational Foundations and Curriculum Studies

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