Past Events

Department of English and Communication Open Day

The MSU Open Day was held on 14 September 2018 in Gweru and our students and staff were part of the team that interacted with form six students. The Department exhibited l were positive responses about the Department and we hope this interest will translate to

Upcoming Events:

Research workshop for students

Date: TBA

Venue: Zvishavane Boardroom

The research workshop, which will be hosted by the Department of English, will constitute presentations on the key aspects of research. Presenters will be drawn from the Department and experts from other Departments within the University. Participation is open to interested students.


Departmental Seminar

Date: TBA

Venue: Room 32

Presenter: Prof Cuthbeth Tagwirei

Title of paper: A person is a person without others: In search of the “others” of Ubuntu.

Summary: The intention of the proposed dialogue is to restore focus on the main clause of the popular axiom “a person is a person through [or with] others”. It invites attention to a much neglected and integral aspect of personhood encapsulated by the main clause “a person is a person” understood in Shona as “munhu munhu.” By neglecting this aspect, I argue that proponents and critics of ubuntu have deliberately constructed an entire discourse which begins from the middle with the result of suppressing what I find to be the cornerstone of Ubuntu: that a person is a person. Period. I ask why there is an unease silence on this fact and why the attraction to start from the middle is so great. The article does not seek to downplay the importance of virtue and social cohesion among communities which have been associated with Ubuntu. On the contrary, it demonstrates that personhood or being a person was, and is, not dependant on one’s relationship with amorphous “others”.  


New programmes to commence January 2019

Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Communication

The Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Communication is a one-year (two-semester) programme which is the equivalent of an Honours qualification. It covers areas which include Public relations, strategic writing, communication technology, ethics, health communication and advertising. For additional information, please see regulations for the programme.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Studies

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Studies is a three-semester programme which builds on previous qualifications in communication. It covers areas which include online communication management, communication within organisations, persuasion, communication theory and practice in various fields. For additional information, please see regulations for programme.