The vision of the department is to contribute towards knowledge production and training of heritage professionals that are informed about heritage issues in Zimbabwe, Africa, the Occidental and Oriental world. The department is conceived as a catalyst for developing partnership between academic centres and professional organizations at all levels from international to local, with an emphasis on strengthening regional centers for capacity building. The department hopes to achieve this vision through the study of and researching African and global heritage and culture. African and world prehistories, historical archaeologies, museums as cultural institutions and their diverse facets, traditional and contemporary African cultures. 

Programmes offered in the department


  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies. The programme offers four (4) interrelated disciplines that are, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Management, Museum Studies and Records Management which enable students to have wide career opportunities.

Post Graduate

  • Master of Arts in Forensic Archaeology
  • Master of Arts in Museum Studies
  • Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Studies
  • Master of Arts in Archaeology

The Master of Arts programmes are two year block programmes.

Staff Profiles