Dr Lettiah Gumbo


Welcome to the Communication Skills Centre department. The Centre for Communication Studies helps the students to navigate their academic journey, help them in setting an aim, supports them in every basic communication need. We want all students, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential in academic and business communication. Our task is to make it possible. Our mission is to provide practical, step by step assistance. That goal, is as pertinent today as it was then. It is a goal that lecturers in the Centre for Communication Studies all share – the full development of every student’ communication skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening that makes learning at University more effective and more enjoyable. This will enable students to be all round good communicators. We also create opportunities for all students to practice good academic referencing skills in response to the growing problem of plagiarism in academic institutions. Hence, the Centre for Communication Studies plays an important role in this area. 

We wish all students the best for your learning at Midlands State University, and we hope that you will keep your heads high as you acquire good results from our institution. Our motto is to provide you with quality communication skills that will definitely be accomplished by our quality staff in the communications skill centre. We have a proud team of motivational, inspirational and talented lectures for all our students.  

These are the major research areas in the Centre Communication Studies

  • Communication skills
  • English as a Second Language
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • The English Language Speaking and Writing Errors
  • Language policies
  • Onomastics
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • English language Teaching and Learning
  • Gender Issues

We are in the process of establishing with various local, regional and international collaborations, partnerships and also acquiring research grants to enable us to carry out further research. 

The Centre for Communication Studies offers modules outlined in the briefs below:


Basic Communication Skills (CS 131) is a core module that is offered to all Level 1 Semester 1 (1.1) students from all Faculties at Midlands State University. It is a one semester course on academic and business communication skills. Firstly, this module imparts, writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills that make learning more effective and enjoyable. Secondly, students are taught skills that they can use even beyond the academic context which are report writing and curriculum vitae (CV) writing. In this module students are taught and encouraged to incorporate source materials (academic referencing) into their writing, according to the standard academic conventions recommended in their departments. Thus, the skills imparted in the CS 131 module are not only for academic purposes although that is the primary focus but for life after University as well. In addition, the module enables students to argue and clearly express written and oral assignments, to carry out appropriate research and to be able to interpret research information. 


Extended Communication Skills (CS 132) is a core module that is offered to all Level 1 Semester 2 students in the Faculty of ARTS AND hUMANITIESat Midlands State University. It is a one semester course on business communication and conflict management skills. CS 132 is a module that imparts business writing skills and is intended to equip students with some accepted formats in business writing such as how to organize memos, letters, business proposals, business minutes, the e-mail communication, the executive summary, the interview and practical presentations. Business writing has some generally accepted practices:  writing concisely, using bullets and headings, employing short sentences, creating brief paragraphs, and getting to the point quickly. Through this learning experience (CS 132 Module) students will be prepared for their work related learning in both writing and speaking and is also vital in their post academic future employment. The business proposals taught will help the students to create their own employment as they join the business world of work. 


This module assists medical students in developing clear and concise approaches to medical communication. It specifically enhances medical students’ writing abilities in scientific language and in discussing research results. Thus, the module equips medical students with basic oral communication skills, academic and report writing skills as well as listening and reading skills. In addition, the module enables medical students to argue and clearly express written and oral assignments, to carry out appropriate research in the medical field and to be able to interpret medical information. This ensures proficiency which enhances their success in academic and clinical examinations. Overally, this module imparts communication skills meant to make medical graduates correlate well with patients and workmates so as to have effective clinical outcomes. 


The module designed to equip medical students (Level 1.2) with prerequisite skills to function well within the Healthcare environment. Also CSHS 102 is to be acquainted with legislation and the professional organizations that govern the students’ medical practice. Concepts such as professional ethics, boundaries, confidentiality, as well as the standards of practice and core competencies are imparted to the students. This module assists the student to develop effective interpersonal relationships with their peers, with patients and/or their families and other Healthcare professionals. Personal and professional values, principles of communication, communication models and conflict resolution as well as group dynamics are also explored in this module. Medical personnel work in many different areas of hospitals, clinics, research facilities, assisting in complex procedures and running vital tasks; they will need to compile mathematical and written reports following medical analysis. As, such this module equips student’s with the necessary skills such as analytical and problem-solving abilities so as to produce verbal and written reports on their medical practice. Interpersonal skills and the ability to make people feel comfortable are helpful skills in this area, in a bid to make the graduates ‘good doctors’ who are able to apply effective communication skills in their discharge of professional medical duties in any given healthcare environment.


English for academic purposes (EAP) module that is offered as a bridging course for international students drawn from all Faculties at Midlands State University. It is a one semester course that imparts English for academic purposes skills and is intended to equip students to use English appropriately for study. The module focuses on skills required to perform in an English speaking academic context. Language skills addressed include listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Through these experience students will prepare themselves for the increasingly challenging university academic work as it promotes skills that are fundamental to their academic success. Hence, the course is aimed at equipping students with the necessary Communication Skills essential for their degree studies as well as post university experience. 

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