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/Dr Lettiah Gumbo
Dr Lettiah Gumbo

Chairperson, Department of Communication Skills


  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in African Languages

Research Interests:

Development of indigenous language in Zimbabwe, English as a Second Language as well as stability of traditional African marriages.


  • Carrying Scars And Stigma: Repeating Failed Modules At Midlands State University, (Gumbo Lettiah -15pages)
  • Harnessing and Utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as an Aid in Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL): A Case Study of Midlands State University (MSU) (Gumbo Lettiah and Primrose Rufaro Mawire -17 pages)

Book Accepted For Publication

  • An Investigation into the Impact of Women Rights on African Marriages in Zimbabwe, (Gumbo Lettiah -104 pages)


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