These regulations shall be read in conjunction with the University’s General Academic Regulations for Undergraduate degree programmes (hereinafter referred to as the General Regulations) as well as the Faculty of Arts Regulations.

The Modern Languages Department seeks to enable students to access the vast and wide-ranging opportunities offered by mastery of major Foreign Languages for the intellectual and socio-economic advancement of individuals and the development of the nation as a whole. Foreign Languages are viewed not only as means of communication but also as resources for African socio-economic empowerment and development within the highly competitive environment of a global village. Contact with French speech communities is therefore an essential component of this degree programme. Apart from the Work Related Learning experience, such contact will be realised through membership of such French cultural organisations as the Alliance Française and through regular participation in cultural activities organised by various Francophone communities and institutions in Zimbabwe. Contact will also be ensured through the creation of a multi-media cultural centre within the Department.

Programmes Offered

The Bachelor of Arts French Honours (HFRE) degree is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop communicative, literary and cultural competence and the related skills in French.

Staff Profiles