The Department of  History, Heritage and International Studies is concerned with economic, social and political changes in world affairs in general and Africa in particular.


The Department aims to stimulate interest in and promote the study of history through an acquaintance with the variety of theoretical and applied approaches to aspects and periods of history and a familiarity with differing interpretations of particular historical problems. It provides a supportive environment towards promoting the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of cause and consequence, continuity and change in human activity in Zimbabwe and beyond. The programme offers students the opportunity to develop essential study skills as a sound base for further study and the pursuit of personal interest in selected themes in international affairs. It builds on the strengths of a range of disciplines and programmes available to students through the University’s concept of “Flexible Packaging”. Above all, it seeks to engage students intellectually and professionally in the critical analysis of
international issues pertinent to the needs of the 21st Century.

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