Dr Ephraim Vhutuza


Welcome to the Department of Media, Communication, Film and Theatre Arts. The Department boasts of a whooping twenty- two (22) taught degree programs (Honours, Post- Graduate Diplomas and Masters) in addition to MPhil and DPhil degrees. We aim at providing students with training across four broad disciplines of Media, Communication, Film and Theatre Arts. In a broad sense, the Department aims at equipping students with critical and informed understanding of Communication, Media, Film and Theatre Arts knowledge systems at national, regional and international levels. 

On research, Prof N. A Mhiripiri and Dr O. Ureke won the Codesria Meaning and Making research initiative grant of US $30 000 that ran from 2017 to 2020. The two scholars were working with a PhD student who is now late and an MPhil student who should graduate this year, 2021. In total, we have three (3) full time DPhil students that are fully registered and are also Teaching Assistants in the Department.   In addition, the Department boasts of four (4) MPhil students that are also fully registered, including two that are working under the government funded indigenous fruits and herbs project.  These two MPhil students working under the IFH project, Munashe Mudzingwa and Oswell Moyo are working on innovations: a video documentary on traditional herbs and fruits, projects that are being incubated by the Innovation Hub.

The Department also has three senior staff members that recently completed their Post- Doctoral research fellowships with one still on fellowship. On partnerships, the Department is pursuing a number of local and international partnerships that include signing MOUs with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), Econet, and The Film School in Zimbabwe, Jit-TV and the Glasgow University.

Degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree Programs

  • BA Hons Print Media and Digital Technologies
  • BA Hons Radio, Television and Multi-Media Production
  • BA Hons Multi-Media, Graphic Designing and Editing
  • BA Hons Media, Animation and Artificial Intelligence
  • BA Hons Journalism and Digital Media Studies
  • BA Hons Development Communication
  • BA Hons Film and Theatre Arts Studies
  • BA Hons Creative Economies and Arts Management

Post Graduate Diploma Programs

  • PGD Journalism and Digital Media Studies
  • PGD Business and Financial Journalism
  • PGD Corporate Communication Sciences and New Media
  • PGD Development Communication
  • PGD Health Communication
  • PGD Communications, Sports and Entertainment Journalism
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Communication

Master of Arts Programs

  • MA Journalism and Digital Media Studies
  • MA Business and Financial Journalism
  • MA Film, Television and Digital Technologies
  • MA Corporate Communications Management
  • MA Development Communication
  • MA Health Communication
  • MA Communications, Sports and Entertainment Journalism
  • MA Strategic Communication
  • MA Theatre Arts Studies


Staff Profiles