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/Dr Ephraim Vhutuza
Dr Ephraim Vhutuza

Position: Chairperson

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  • B.A (General) Degree in English and Theatre Arts (2.1) University Book Prize – University of Zimbabwe (UZ).
  • BA (Special Honours) in English (2.1) University Book Prize (UZ).
  • Post – Graduate Diploma in Media and Society Studies (Merit) (Midlands State University).
  • Master of Arts in English (Merit) (UZ).
  • DLitt et Phil in Drama (English Studies Department, University of South Africa).

Research Interests: 

  • Drama,
  • Theatre
  • African Literature


  • Vhutuza Ephraim and Ngoshi Hazel 2008. “Nationalism or Supra-Nationalism in the 21st Century in The African Integration Review, Vol. 2, No.1: 177 – 187.
  • Vhutuza Ephraim 2011. “Nationalism Will Never Die: Zimbabwean Discourses in the Global Age”, in The African Integration Review, Vol. 5, No. 1:79 – 102.
  • Vhutuza Ephraim 2012. Written Zimbabwean Drama as/ and Intervention: The Case of Raisedon Baya’s Super Patriots and Morons and Tomorrow’s People in Unisa Latin American Report, Vol 2, No1: 66 – 74.
  • Vhutuza Ephraim and Rwafa Urther 2014. Contesting hegemonies through propaganda theatre in post 2000 Zimbabwe: The case of Madzoka Zimbabwe and The Coup in Imbizo, The International Journal of African Literary and Comparative Studies, Vol. 5, No. 2: 50 – 60.
  • Rwafa Urther and Vhutuza Ephraim 2014. Towards Peace, Healing and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe: Theatricalising Political Violence through Rituals (2011) in Imbizo, The International Journal of African Literary and Comparative Studies, Vol. 5, No. 2: 23- 39.
  • Vhutuza Ephraim 2013. “The Dialogue of the Deaf: Exploring Silence in Stephen Chifunyise’s Intimate Affairs in Unisa Latin American Report Vol 2: 29 – 40.
  • Vhutuza Ephraim 2013 “Femininity and Masculinity in Stephen Chifunyise’s written plays: The Case of Intimate Affairs and Muramu” Accepted in Jibilika: Journal of Performance and Creative Arts, Vol 1, No. 1
  • Vhutuza Ephraim 2015. Coming clean: The Art of surviving in the post 2000 Zimbabwean drama and theatrebook chapter in a book, The Art of Surviving: Depictions of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean in crisis (eds) A. Chitando, A. Madongonda and J. Chikowero. Accepted for publication in 2015 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Ephraim Vhutuza 2014. Literature: The Colonial Experience in Lusophone Prose, the Case of We Killed Mangy Dog and Other Stories by L.B Honwana and The Real Life of Domingos Xavier by Lundiano Vieria in Unit 6 of the Special Honours in English Zimbabwe Open University Module titled, Francophone and Lusophone.
  • Vhutuza Ephraim (2015) “Emerging Perspectives on Drama and Social Change in Zimbabwe: Book with seven (7) Chapters, to be published in 2015 by Africa Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Tolerance Studies, Harare.(ISBN:978-0-7974-6120-8).
  • Ephraim Vhutuza 2012. Nationalism and Liberation: The Missing Link in Africa’s quest for Liberation book published by Lambert Academic Publishing (ISBN 978-3-659-24041-6).

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