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Mrs Neddie Ncube


The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology Degree Programme at Midlands State University started in August 2004. It is a four-year full-time programme. The programme is designed for students for careers where it is critical to understand human behaviour to effectively realize individual organizational or community goals. Emphasis will be placed on the psychological impact of the individuals encounter with the environment, for instance effects of challenges such as drought, HIV/AIDS, Child Abuse, Floods, Land Reform Programme, Road Traffic Accidents, Gold Panning and War. Thus, the ultimate aim of the Programme will be to enhance the quality of human life. The (Honours) Psychology programme qualifies a graduate for further study or train in a particular field of specialization and to ultimately register as a qualified psychologist with the Allied Health Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe.


For consideration into the BSc Honours Psychology Programme a candidate should have a pass in Biology and Maths at Ordinary level and passes at A Level should be in at least two of the following subjects: Psychology, Sociology, English, Shona/Ndebele, History, Geography, Biology, Maths, and English.


Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour; therefore psychology graduates can apply their knowledge in any setting. After successfully completing the Honours Psychology degree programme, graduates can embark on a 2 years Master of Science degree or 3-year internship programme to qualify for registration as a Psychologist with Allied health Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe. Graduates in Psychology can pursue further study and careers as professional psychologists in Clinical, Occupational, Educational, Forensic, Research, Academic, Environmental, Sport, and Community Psychology. In addition Psychology graduates can also become, human resource managers, careers advisors, social workers, general managers, counsellors, market researchers and work in advertising.


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Department of Psychology

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