The Department of Applied Psychology has programmes designed to equip students with the ability to describe, explain, predict, modify and promote human behaviour and mental processes. To this effect, students are groomed with the requisite theory and practice to prepare them to offer the best of themselves for their own benefit and that of others in all facets of daily life. This is pertinent in view of the fact that contemporary life is marred with adverse psychological effects of numerous complexities such as disease, drought, floods, human abuses and accidents in diverse community settings. 

For all intents and purposes, students are equipped with skills to conduct contextually scientific research, to be creative and to generate problem-solving innovations. They are provided with opportunities : To participate in and to facilitate community outreach activities; To be affiliated to and to be in partnerships with Psychology professional Bodies; To work in collaboration with Psychology-related Organs; To demonstrate the sanctity of advancing psychological wellness of people in adverse circumstances.

The ultimate objective of our Programmes is to produce versatile graduates who are capable of enhancing the quality of human life by promoting people’s psychological wellbeing. This objective is further attained through contributions of staff in the Department who research and publish on various contemporary psychosocial issues.

Career Prospects   

On successful completion of their studies, Psychology graduates have career opportunities in a wide array of public and private sectors. They can work in various capacities in settings which include educational, counselling, occupational, organisational, forensic, research, environmental, sport, and community psychology. Among several of their other services, they can work as :

    • Psycho-educators.
    • Psycho-social support service-providers.
    • Psychometricians.
    • Researchers.
    • Career advisors.
    • Disaster, trauma and crisis managers.
    • Community project initiators, facilitators, implementers, monitors and evaluators.
    • Training managers.
    • Human resource managers.
    • General managers.
    • Management consultants.


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