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/Mrs Sibusiso Nkiwane-Khombo
Mrs Sibusiso Nkiwane-Khombo

Lecturer : Department of Psychology

Qualifications :

  • MSc Community Psychology (MSU)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (MSU)
  • PDTE (MSU)

Research Interests :

HIV/AIDS & Psychological well-being, Cognitive processes, Globalization and culture, Social cohesion, Psychological trauma in adults living with physical disability,psychological  perspectives of climate change.

Publications :

  • Relationship complexities among women with obstetric fistula in Zimbabwe –
  • Rethinking counseling in a globalized Zimbabwe.
  • Community attitudes towards never married single mothers in Gweru.

Community Engagement :

  • Departmental social responsibility committee member
  • Work related learning- Departmental alternate

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