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/Hlalani Ndhlovu
Hlalani Ndhlovu

Position: Language Research Assistant-Kalanga

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  • Master of Arts in African Languages and Culture [Midlands State University]
  • Master of Education in Sociology [Great Zimbabwe University]
  • Bachelor of Education Degree (Primary) – IsiNdebele [Masvingo State University]
  • Diploma in Education-Primary [University of Zimbabwe-UCE]

Research Interests

  • Indigenous Language Development through literature production
  • Indigenous Language Teaching And Learning
  • Comparative Studies For Zimbabwean Indigenous Language Orthographies For Dialectal Languages  
  • Kalanga Folklore


  • Ndhlovu, H. (2021) ‘Resuscitating Kalanga in a Multilingual Education System: Opportunities and Challenges‘ in Magwa, W., Jenjekwa, V. & Moyo, M. (eds) (2021) Sociolinguistics and Multilingual Education in Zimbabwe. Gweru, MSU Press.   
  • Ndhlovu, H. & Nkomo T. (2019) Buya Kwadzo Milandu. Bulawayo: Good Media House Pub.
  • Ndhlovu H., Phuti, F. & Ndlovu, N. (2019) TjiKalanga Mongo. University of Zimbabwe Teacher-Education modules (yet to be published)
  • Ndhlovu, H., Phuti, F., Ndlovu, N. & Khupe, A.  (2016) (in-print) Zwidiyo zwokudza Luzibo Godiya TjiKalanga Silabhasi ‘B’  University of Zimbabwe Teacher-Education modules  
  • Ndhlovu, H., Lundi, S. and Moyo, E. (2010) Zwidiye TjiKalanga Lukwalo Gwendiyiwa1a, 1B1 &1B2. Plumtree: Kwalani Publishing House.
  • Ndhlovu, H., Lundi, S & Moyo V. (2010)  Zwidiye TjiKalanga Lukwalo Gwendiyiwa 5. Plumtree: Kwalani Publishing House.

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