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/Professor William Lungisani Chigidi
Professor William Lungisani Chigidi

Position: Senior Language Researcher-Shona

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  • PhD (African Languages) UNISA 2009
  • MA ( African Languages) UNISA 1998
  • BA (Special Honours-Shona) University of Zimbabwe 1994
  • BA  General University of Zimbabwe 1976

Research interests

  • Indigenous knowledge systems
  • Literature
  • Oral literature
  • African culture.
  • Detective fiction.


  • Tembo, C., Muhwati, I. and Chigidi,W.L., Music, Nation and Politics: A Critical Engagement with Tongai Moyo’s Music in the Decade of Crisis,  in ‘Singing Nation and Politics: Music and the decade of crisis in Zimbabwe, 2000-2010, Gweru: MSU Press, pp. 282-297, 2018.
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