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/Dr Khoza Trenance
Dr Khoza Trenance

Position: Research Fellow

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  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree in English
  • Master of Education in English Language & Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication Studies
  • Diploma in Special Needs Education
  • Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in Christian Ministries

Research Interests:

  • Language and Education
  • Language Policy and Planning
  • Communication

Publications: Refereed articles

  1. Khoza, T., Neeta, N. and Mulaudzi, L.M.P. (2018). Augmenting ESL teacher trainee proficiency: A case of primary school teacher training in Zimbabwe (Ubuntu Journal of Conflict & Social Transformation Vol. 7 Special Issue Dec 2018 p. 89-109).
  2. Khoza, T. (2015). Bridging the digital generation gap on interactive technologies: Perceptions, opportunities and prospects. Research Council of Zimbabwe-10th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium-Book of Papers presented 2015 (ISSN:2412-2386 p. 211-220).

 Conference Papers

  1. Ncube, D. and Khoza, T. (2022). Re-thinking the Zimbabwean Higher and tertiary Education Curriculum Terrain: Challenges and opportunities. ZANA Annual Symposium.
  2. Khoza, T., Neeta, N.K & Mulaudzi, L.M.P. (2016). Enhancing the Second Language Curriculum through Indigenous Knowledge Systems. WSU and UNIVEN International Research Conference-Polokwane, SA.
  3. Khoza, T. and Moyo, A. (2014). Literature as a Mirror of Society: Implications for the choice of Reading Texts in Schools. University of Zimbabwe Research Conference.
  4. Hove, T., Khoza, T. and Moyo, R. (2013). An analysis of female students’ involvement in students’ representative councils in Tertiary institutions 2010-2013. Research Intellectual Expo-Zimbabwe.

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