In the Department of Management Sciences, we learn from the future.  We believe in learning from futuristic innovation and building the future into our undergraduate and graduate study programs to effectively prepare our students and graduates for a dynamic fast-paced business environment.

Our teaching methodology is based on the use of real-life case studies; allowing learners to experience real scenarios and develop the analytical skills necessary to successfully manage complex business scenarios. Our continuous assessment approach to determining academic performance and learner’s development ensures that learners are credited not only for their performance in examinations, but their participation in classroom and field based learning engagements. In this way, our graduates graduate with grades that reflect their day-to-day working performance; a good indicator for employers about the performance of their recruits.

Through partnerships withchambers of commerce and universities in India and Kenya, the Department of Management Sciences conducts research, runs symposiums and public lectures, and adapts its curriculum to ensure that our graduates are adequately equipped to grapple with the demands of the modern workplace that transcend cultural boundaries.

The Department of Management Sciences leverages on its relationships with chambers of commerce to avail internship opportunities to its undergraduate students, enabling them to complete the work-related learning component of their studies with organisations in our network. These linkages provide a strategic feedback mechanism which enables us to continuously develop our study program in line with trends in business and evolving business practices.

Student life

The Department of Management Sciences is student-centric and we create an enabling environment for learning, networking, and exploration beyond the scope of the learning programs offered in the department. Through student clubs and associations which include the Association of Business Students and Enactus, our undergraduate students put to practice what they have learned to contribute towards the development of their communities, and excel in national and international business competitions.

Our graduate students often volunteer their time to mentor undergraduate students and participate in public lectures, giving our undergraduate students a head start in the development of their careers.

Upon Graduating

The Department of Management Sciences has a strong alumni network which supports the department’s public lectures, assists fresh graduates secure employment, and avails internship opportunities for undergraduate students to complete the Work Related Learning component of their studies.

Upon completion of their studies, undergraduates and graduates from the department   of business management are invited to join the alumni network and continue to work with the department as they benefit from a unique portfolio of continuous professional development opportunities.

Staff Profiles