Accounting and Finance are fundamental elements of any business. Whether you are talking about a multinational corporation or a small family run corner shop, accurate accounting and financial data is the key to any business’ success. The basic purpose of accounting and finance function is to act as a steward to the company owners and other interested parties in a business and banking plays the crucial role of financial mediation. Those interested parties include the managers, shareholders, creditors, investors and government agencies that have a stake in the company and are entitled to receive financial reports.


The mission of the Department of Accounting Sciences is to offer degree programmes to educate students in financial reporting, cost and management accounting, taxation, public sector accounting, auditing, digital banking and corporate finance. The Faculty of Business Sciences achieves some of its goals by offering two undergraduate and two post graduate degrees through the Department of Accounting Sciences, the department carries out research to support teaching and learning and to address global and local business problems


To be the leading provider of high standard accounting and digital banking education and research so as to produce ethical graduates that are creative and innovative to enhance sustainable socio-economic transformation.


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