The role of the department of Information and Marketing Sciences is not only producing graduates who are skilled to become integrators and users of such technologies and marketing knowledge, but also to ensure that research supports the innovation and development needs that digital transformation and marketing knowledge are bringing. The department drives cross-disciplinary collaborations that are in line with the contemporary demands of Education 5.0 and the government’s National Development Plan vision 2030 of transforming the country into an inclusive and innovative digital and knowledge society. Thus, this allows the department to produce products that are prepared to be a great workforce for the future. The demand for IT skills, digital literacy and Marketing skills and strategies has ensured that this department be at the frontier of digital training across all faculties and campuses of the Midlands State University. Through our competent programs, the department plays an important role in accelerating the growth, technological transformation and the attainment of an expected digital economy. Our graduates become Marketing Managers Software Developers, Enterprise support technicians, Brand Managers, Network engineers, Sales Managers, Marketing Research Managers, Advertising Managers just to mention but a few jobs.

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Department of Information and Marketing Sciences

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