Master Of Commerce In Information Systems Management

Program Objective

The Master of Commerce in  Information Systems Management degree at the Midlands State University is a two-year programme for students with an undergraduate background in Information Systems, Computer Science or Mathematics with Computer Science. The programme is for students interested in careers in all facets of Information Systems and Computing

Our goal is to educate our students to become Information Systems Engineers and Managers who have the ability to conceive IT solutions in the widest context. Our graduate will have the knowledge required to assemble requirements and solutions with sensitivity to the broad set of consequences their decisions may have. During the course the student will gain a working knowledge of theoretical and technical issues in a range of domains, and will learn to make decisions about the applicability of various possible solutions. They will gain experience in solution and implementation through customer driven

projects, and will also be given the opportunity to participate in “forward looking” technologies by undertaking project work with one of the many innovative research projects in the department.

The programme aims to develop the sound conceptual,technical, analytical and communication skills that are required to succeed in the I.T. profession. To this end, the programme employs a rigorous case analysis approach, which requires students to exercise their analytical abilities and develop effective verbal and written communication skills.The programme also aims to instill a deep appreciation and respect for the crucial role of I.T. in our economy and development.

The Career Prospects for graduates of this programme include:


Network Engineer

Systems Analyst Consultant

Project Manager

Chief Information Officer Database Designer

Systems Designer

Chief Technology Officer


To qualify for entry into the Master of Commerce Information Systems Management degree programme a student should have an Honours degree in Information Systems, Computer Science and Mathematics (with bias towards Programming) or any equivalent qualification with a strong programming background.