Mr D. Mapetere


Chairperson’s Welcome Remarks

The Department of Entrepreneurship was established in 2010 following the identification of the need to offer degree-level training in entrepreneurship. The department has since been offering an Honours degree in Entrepreneurship, and the first cohort of students graduated in 2013.

At present the department has 100 students undertaking the Bachelor of Business Management honours degree majoring in Entrepreneurship, and offers entrepreneurship training to students undertaking all of the 50 undergraduate degree programs offered at the Midlands State University.

In 2012 the Midlands State University saw fit to expand the portfolio of entrepreneurship research and program delivery, and set-out to establish the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Research, which would offer training in a wide range of entrepreneurship programs, as well as become the pinnacle of entrepreneurship research in Zimbabwe.

With each passing day, this vision is being fulfilled and this prospectus outlines the direction that the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Research is taking towards those ends.I would like to take this opportunity to solicit your support in various ways to make the vision of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Research a reality.

Mr. S. Sikomwe Chairman, Department of Entrepreneurship and Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Research


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