Mr D. Mapetere


The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was established in 2010 following the identification of the need to offer training in entrepreneurship. The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a multi-faceted research, innovation, and teaching unit that aims at creating an entrepreneurship culture in Zimbabwe. As part of the University’s institutes which promotes research and innovation our Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation endeavours to become pacesetters in entrepreneurial education, research, and innovation. Guided by the University’s motto: our hands our minds our destiny, we seeks to create and nature new ventures as well as promotion of entrepreneurial management within existing organisations.  


  • Creating entrepreneurship awareness amongst university students and sensitising them on the importance of entrepreneurship as a career choice
  • Creating an entrepreneurial culture amongst university students and general citizens of the country 
  • Training of current and prospective entrepreneurs on entrepreneurial management and improve business performance 
  • To be the one-stop for research-based entrepreneurial diagnosis of business and entrepreneurial problems. 

Areas of expertise

  • Strategic management
  • Technology and innovation management
  • Financial and investment management
  • Strategic sourcing 
  • Small and family business management 

We welcome collaborative partners; students, industry experts, financiers and researchers in their various capacities to help us achieve our goals and objectives.


Department of Enterprenuership

Midlands State University

P.Bag 9055



Tel +263 54 60409 / +263 54 260450/ +263 54 260667 ext


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