The Planning & Systems office manages the budgeting and financial planning operations of the University.  We develop short term financial planning models, monitor and report on financial results compared to the budget, coordinate the University’s annual budget process.

We also offer internal financial consultancy services to all departments who would like to know how to claim for student and staff trips. We also give advice on the travel and subsistence rates for the University trips for both students and staff at all levels.

As the budget and systems team, we offer financial performance reviews that keep the University well informed on the current economic updates as well as helping management to make well informed decisions . These financial performance reviews/ reports help the University to enhance effectiveness of strategic planning of the entire University

We also carry out non financial performance reviews that help predict long term success of the   University

The section also monitors internal control systems so that they remain effective in aiding to the achievement of the University’s objectives to operational effectiveness and efficiency with reliable financial reporting that are compliant with laws, regulations and policies.