Trial Balance

The office is responsible for the trial balance. We ensure that all transactions relating to a certain period are captured and in their responsible accounts.

Financial Statement

We prepare financial statements

Cash flow

Management of cash flows and preparations of cash flow report as well as investment reports



The cashbooks section attends to student queries involving RTGS payments and interbank transfers which would not have been credited to the student’s account.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts is responsible for the billing and collection of student tuition, residences fees and other charges against the student’s ledger. The section also administers the reconciliation of third party students loans such as, but not limited to, the cadetship scheme, Capernaum Trust, CAMFED etc.

Salaries Office

The salaries office is mandated with the payment of salaries timeously.

Accounts Payables

The Accounts Payables section is responsible for processing and distributing payments for university business-related services and expenses.


Section Objectives

– To maintain all University’s non-trade receivables and debt collection.

What The Department Does

–  Manning receivables accounts for both internal and external

– Receipting

– Banking

– Posting receipts


The Non-Current assets office is mandated with the maintenance of the non-current asset register in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) requirements. This therefore entails processing of all non-current assets acquisitions, transfers, disposals, revaluations, capital projects, asset tagging and calculation of depreciation thereof for all University non-current assets.  The office is also endowed with responsibility of producing reports for management review and this includes reconciliation of physical assets to the non-current asset register as well as any ad hoc reports as may be requested by management.