The Midlands State University has launched the Doctor of Business Leadership degree in response to an overwhelming market demand for the programme. A total of 25 students registered for the inaugural programme and lectures began soon after the orientation session.

The programme which is fully accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) was launched at the MSU Harare Campus on Sunday, 21 October 2018 by the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Commerce Dr Shepherd Mupemhi.  The programme will be classified at level 10 in the National Qualifications Framework crafted by ZIMCHE.

Dr Mupemhi said, unlike most PhD programmes which are research-based, the DBL is a taught Doctoral degree programme with nine modules as well as research. In this regard, the University has engaged highly reputable lecturers within Zimbabwe and in the region to ensure that it produces high-quality graduates who will find solutions and answers to the country`s economic challenges.

He noted that the institution will soon launch a collaborative programme with five other universities, two of which are in Europe, one in South Africa and one in Zimbabwe.

‘That collaboration will allow for the mobility of doctoral students from one country to another carrying out research which will lead to the development of a patentable product and that research will be fully funded. It means your travel to Europe will be fully funded, your travel to South Africa will be fully funded, your travel within Zimbabwe will be fully funded and you come up with an idea that is nurtured by colleagues which will lead to a patentable product and once that is done the product is yours. You will enjoy the benefits. The university is only there to assist you,’ said Dr Mupemhi.

Harare Campus Director Mr Richard Duve welcomed the new students and added that the institution has applied for accreditation of the Doctor of Business Leadership degrees so that it is accredited by international accreditation councils.

‘I congratulate you, colleagues … It`s our inaugural DBL and I`m sure you going to benefit and also to make sure that our nation has graduates of high repute,’ he said.

The Faculty of Commerce offers degree programmes accredited by highly recognised academic associations both regionally and internationally. The faculty also enjoys reciprocal partnerships with international accreditation authorities which include the Central East European Management Development Association for the Master of Commerce Programmes.


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