Midlands State University students Evelyn Ruvanda and Godsends Siwela from the departments of Media and Society Studies and Metallurgical Engineering respectively, have partnered with Orein Francis Jafter a student from Yonsei University, South Korea to establish a Computer Educational Initiative in Zvishavane.

The G.O.E.L Computer Educational Initiative which utilises a tri-functional system (Computer Education, Printing and Computer Gaming) is designed to nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as enhance computer literacy among the youths of Zvishavane.

‘There is no innovation without creativity or failure, we are here to try and we will not give up because what we have started is for the greater good of the community’ said Orein Francis Jafter the founder and managing partner.

He went on to say that computer literacy in today’s evolving technological world is a necessity, without which, youths are dis-empowered due to a failure to access research, career and other external learning opportunities.

Godsends Siwela said, ‘the initiative is going to provide a computer literacy oriented service facility, dedicated to equipping youths in communities with a wide range of computer skills. We seek to also grow the initiative into an educational facility utilising interactive tabs and apps for student aided learning and also offer lecture series in the design programme for programming, design, coding and computer operations and packages’.

Midlands State University Zvishavane Campus Director, Professor Advice Viriri applauded the collaborative initiative by the trio noting that it was in tandem with the University’s internationaliation goals. He also highlighted that such student partnerships will not only help to position the University on the global map and uplift communities, but will also inspire other students as well as youths at national level.

Founded in 1885 Yonsei University is located in Seoul, South Korea and is one of the best private research universities in the country.




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