The FEED ZW hosted a three-day Female Content Workshop at the Midlands State University’s Gweru Main Campus, which saw young women studying Media and Society Studies engage in a creative and educative training session on content creation.

The Workshop, which was aimed at finding and mentoring young female content creators who would be the next generation of editors and producers of media content was held from the 10th to the 12th of September 2019.

The Feed ZW is largely embracing mobile journalism through the dissemination of newsworthy content via mobile phone technology and various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The workshop began by outlining the basic use of a mobile phone camera and different shots that one can take so as to bring out the reality of the issues under newsworthy spotlight. One of the facilitators, Francisca MaSibanda Chamunokara took the liberty to train the young female content creators.

‘There are various ways in which you can film your source and this normally makes the content interesting to watch, the video works also hand in hand with the sound, which is why you have to use an external microphone for purposes of capturing good audio sound,’ she said.

Head of The Feed ZW delegation, Tafadzwa Tseisi was also part of the team that facilitating the training of the young female content creators.

Media students commended the institution for such a huge opportunity.

‘Being part of The Feed ZW was a wonderful experience, we learnt a lot and wish to put our knowledge into action and implement the skills that we learnt today and as a female Media student I feel inspired and I now know I can actually do this, I can be the next Editor or Director,’ said Tanaka Samantha Zindi a second year, first semester media student.

The Feed ZW also gave away T-shirts, caps, tripods and stickers to some of the students who participated in the workshop.




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