Midlands State University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Victor N Muzvidziwa has become the first University Principal Officer to get vaccinated as part of the second phase of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme. Professor Muzvidziwa received his first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine at the University’s Gweru Main Campus on Monday 29 March 2021.

The voluntary vaccination programme will see MSU members of staff from across all its campuses being vaccinated as the country endeavours to reach herd immunity.

Speaking after being inoculated, Professor Muzvidziwa said the roll-out is a timely intervention that will help in the fight against the global pandemic and pave way for institutions of higher learning to fulfil their primary mandate of teaching and learning.

“The vaccination programme is timely and will contribute significantly in the fight against the pandemic. It offers a great chance for winning the fight especially if we all come together and embrace vaccination.

“For educational institutions, the roll-out will ensure that the key functions of teaching and learning take place. By coming out and taking responsibility as individuals and institutions, we can move ahead with greater confidence under the new normal,” said the Vice-Chancellor.

The second Principal Officer to be inoculated was the University Registrar Mr T Zishiri who together with the Executive Dean of Students, Ms F Chakauya also received their first doses of the vaccine.

Commenting on the vaccination programme, the University’s Acting Health Services Director, Dr Gerald Hangaika, said the vaccine was an important tool in the fight against the coronavirus. Dr Hangaika who was also among MSU health professionals who were receiving their second doses of the Sinopharm vaccine expressed optimism that as the roll-out continues, more people would take-up vaccination.

“The vaccine is an important tool in the fight against the pandemic and we welcome the initiative by the government to include the tertiary education sector in this current phase of the vaccination programme to ensure that we move quickly towards herd immunity … and protect those in the education sector as they conduct their teaching and learning activities,” he said.

Dr Hangaika emphasised the safety of the vaccines and urged members of the University community to protect themselves and those around them by getting vaccinated.

The vaccination programme will run until the 7th of April 2021 across all MSU campuses and members of the University community will also be able to access services throughout the Easter holiday.


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