Midlands State University’s Research and Innovation team held a hybrid orientation session for the new Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) students on Friday 27 May 2022.

Executive Deans, Department Chairpersons, senior academics, the Research and Innovation team and other resource persons were in attendance.

In welcoming remarks read on her behalf, Executive Director- Research and Innovation, Professor L Chikoko said that the drive for postgraduate studies through research was an important mark in the university’s research and innovation ecosystem.

She congratulated and commended the new students for choosing MSU; reminding them that they had joined a team of pacesetters.

The Deputy Executive Director- Research and Innovation, Professor Upenyu Guyo, underscored that the May 2022 MPhil/DPhil orientation workshop came at a time when the Midlands State University is reaping the rewards of implementing Education 5.0.

The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology driven Education 5.0 philosophy is designed to transform universities into the country’s innovation and industrialization powerhouses.

Professor Guyo challenged the new students to focus on both research and innovation in their MPhil and DPhil pursuits.

As part of the orientation process, the new MPhil/DPhil students had the opportunity to appreciate and envision their study-innovation journey ahead.

Speakers who underwent this academic pursuit highlighted that despite challenges, the journey was joyous and worth undertaking.

Welcoming the new MPhil/DPhil students, Deputy Registrar- Academic Affairs, Dr K. Mudzingwa reminded the students to take heed of registration requirements and encouraged continuous communication and engagement between the Registry and the Postgraduate Studies Offices.

Postgraduate Studies Manager, Dr Umali Saidi highlighted that beyond transforming students, research projects also contribute to the development of the nation, the region and the world at large.

The Research and Innovation team assured the students continued support in their academic endeavours but more importantly in their undertaking to contribute innovative ideas towards Agenda 2030.

Interviewed MPhil and DPhil students said that the orientation program was a significant jump-start to their academic endeavour.

They commended the University for the interface since it boosts their morale and prepares them for the academic rigour of the research and innovation journey ahead.

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